Re: Any advice on this

Hi guys,

Today some unknown user registered on my site with all false registration details like address was just one word,zip code was 12345 etc. I wonder if someone is trying to hack the site or something like that?

the email was from some site and when i checked the logs i got no IP of this user. Some one with same address,zip but a long gmail email registered 2 weeks back. No IP as well.

I’ve got sitelock daily security scan enabled on the site and so far it hasn’t reported any warnings.

However im not sure if i can trust them or not.

Do i need to take any precaution steps?To avoid my site from being hacked? i


Well, could also just be some competitor checking out your site & how it functions throughout the registration process.

Could also be a spam bot registering.

I suggest enabling “image Verification” on the areas of your site which you feel are necessary, this has essentially stopped all automated attempts on our site.