RC site

Pls give your comment on our remote control toys site :


I had a remote control helicopter once. It crashed a lot.

Like your header.

Funny I hate the header.

Not sharp but it mostly reminded me of old communist style propaganda posters!

I saw the the remote controls at the side as tanks and happy children interspersed within the weapons of war.

Hey ask for a review and who knows what you will get :shock:

Other than that the site is pretty standard so no real comment.

Took me ages to load the page, it can be that my connections is slow today :rolleyes:

I would use large remote control picture in header built over few tables(over menu and bit of content), it would look as you can nearly grab it with your hands and play :slight_smile:

Header reminds war theme :slight_smile: Korea communisms… I would choose something with less blue, red, black. I read somewhere blue is not in fashion this year :smiley: