Ram Requirement To Run Cscart?

Can anyone tell me what is the minimum requirement in term of RAM to run a cs cart smoothly?

Im talking about hosting. Thanks

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[size=3][font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif]You must understand that there are no configurations that can satisfy everyone. A lot depends on your website. Tell us about it: how many visitors will be to site every day, how much of products, categories and filters will be to the online store.[/font][/size]

It's really about “concurrent users”. If you have 3000/day but they are each there for only 10 seconds and they are never there simultaneously then you can configure at a minimum.

Get a VPS as stated in the other article you just posted to and then adjust it from there based on your experiences. The good thing about VPS's is that you don't have to leave them statically configured. You can bump it up from Sept through Jan and then bump it down from Feb to Aug (though it's usually not worth the hassle if you have a viable business).

You will have to learn about and understand your server stats to evaluate what (if any) resource shortfalls you are experiencing. The vast majority of performance issues are related to disk I/O so having fast disks usually pays off the most. But you can compensate for slower disks with memory. Work with your host to find the best allocation for your business and loads.