Quotation Request For Porting Opencart Tagcloud To Cs-Cart

Hi, is there anyone who has attempted to port a category tagcloud from either wordpress or opencart to cs-cart ? I looking for a neat solution to cope with the long list of categories shown above the category page

I have been looking for a category tagcloud but if you should have another interesting solution please let me know.

Pref. a dynamically 3d tag cloud based on the parameters like:

  1. by default the larger the tag depending on the number of products in those categories
  2. by default the least visited categories tags larger than the most visited
  3. show only the category pages and show only those categories related to that specific parent category to the visitor.


    OpenCart - 3-D Category Tag Cloud

    We used to have a tagcloud that was filled based upon the search history, the phrases that were most often used in our store we would collect and later add those phrases tot those products we thought best suited those used key phrases.

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Hi, please feel free to contact us for a quote.

Hello Anthony,

We are ready to implement it for you. All you need is to contact us.

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We are at your service, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Still you are looking services?

Hi no this project is currently on hold. My sincere apologies that I did not mention this a bit sooner but last week I had an issue with a payment provider that warrants me to not invest yet in this project and instead do something with the terms and conditions.