I’ve installed the Quickbooks add on.

How exactly are you supposed to export?

Read the forum, KB and manual but no reference about how you actually do it.

Have also read how people have had issues with this add on. Is it fixed now?

We do use Quickbooks for our accounting and we do import all our orders as a “receipt” in to QBs, but we do not use the export function from CS-Cart as it has bugs. The biggest issue with the CS export is that it will erase your cost on all of the items you sell. Right now we still use Writeitonce.com and have been doing so for about 2-3 years now.

In order to export to QBs, while you are looking at “orders>>view orders” just select the orders you want to export. Then on the bottom you will see the words “Choose Action”. This is where you click on “Export to Quickbooks”. You then use those files to import in to QBs. Again, understand that if you do this it will erase your “cost”. If I recall it messes something else up, but I can’t seem to remember what.

I have wondered before that maybe if I purchase the Profit Loss Report mod from Snorocket.com that maybe because of the fact that it adds a “cost” field that maybe it won’t mess up the cost within QBs, but I have not tried it yet. Since we use writeitonce there really wasn’t any sense in purchasing the Profit Loss Report from Sno. You can find the mod from Sno at…


…again, I am not sure his mod will fix part of the Quickbooks problem or not.

Thanks for the info.

I found the link in “view orders” and it makes sense. Too bad that info isn’t in the manual or any other publication.

Was planning on some purchases from snowrocket.com anyway so I may add it to my list.

Hello, Wickedgood

You can find this information if you go to Order > View orders on the “Reference Guide” page of our CS-Cart website: [url]https://www.cs-cart.com/reference-guide.html[/url]

I looked in the reference guide under “Quickbooks”. Nothing there. That is where I expected to find some information about how it works? How about a note there like “see also Orders” to give a clue?

Sorry but I didn’t look for it in the View Orders area.


This was the only link I could find that mentioned very briefly how to export for Quickbooks…


…you will have to look at the bottom image on that page.

There probably isn’t too much because I really do not sense that CS is really serious about Quickbooks or they would have fixed the issues by now. We have used other shopping carts (Big Commerce, Storefront.net, Oscommerce, aspdotnetstorefront) and have been able to export orders from the cart and then import them directly in to Quickbooks with no errors or problems. I’m trying to remember, but I think with OSC I may have had a mod that helped me do it. The problem was none of these other shopping carts came close to the capabilities of CS-Cart. So for now we have stuck with CS and continue to hope they will fix QBs. CS does keep creating new very cool mods, but for some reason they have put QBs in the closet and just forgotten about it.


We will consider it and we might add the necessary information to our Reference guide if need be.

As regards the problem with exporting of orders to QuickBooks, it requires investigation on your server. Please contact us via Customer Help Desk and provide us with a temporary access to your server.

As far as I know, the problem(s) is not the actual creation of the file but when you import the created file into Quickbooks, then multiple errors occur and not all the information is imported. I imagine the problem is the format of the created file?

[quote name=‘The Tool’]As far as I know, the problem(s) is not the actual creation of the file but when you import the created file into Quickbooks, then multiple errors occur and not all the information is imported. I imagine the problem is the format of the created file?[/QUOTE]

You are correct. The issue is something in their export is not correct for Quickbooks.

CS has known about the problems for some time now. To play off that I should “give them access” so they can “investigate” the issue is somewhat irritating. I have gone over this with CS in their help desk over and over. Back on Dec. 14, 2010 I was told by CS support that I should start a uservoice item so they could “see how important” this was to others. The only thing I was trying to get them to do at that point was to stop marketing that their export worked with Quickbooks when it does not.

Here are just a few of the ways the CS-Cart Quickbooks export messes up your accounting software:

  1. Your export still deletes the “cost” in Quickbooks
  2. It still changes the item description when it should NOT.
  3. It still deletes the “preferred vendor”
  4. It still changes the default account

Agreed. CS-Cart should be able to map the products we have in the shopping cart to the existing products in Quickbooks. We should only have to do it once then everything should be automated like T-Hub or Webgility does.

If everyone is really interested in seeing this done, why don't we all vote on it in the uservoice.


My guess is there just isn't that many people who actually use QBs.

Hi there,

Our product, eCC, integrates with CS-Cart and QuickBooks, so you can sync your orders, products, customers, etc. between the two application. eCC downloads your orders, process shipping and posts to QuickBooks to create a sales receipt, invoice, or sales order and reconcile your accounts. The order status is also updated on your store.

For more info and watch a demo, visit The Modern Commerce Workspace | Webgility and sign up for a free trial.

Hope this helps. And let me know if you have any questions.

Does ECC work with PHP Version 5.6 (specifically working with nusoap vs. soap)


That is great news!

ECC huh? I'm going to give it a go.

Importing IIF files is a MESS - we receive them from a client's shopping cart. We provide the fullfilment of goods to their customers, and having to do this labourious task of mapping fields, deleting data, and trying again is just plain stupid!

If we can MAP FIELDS JUST ONCE, and then allow the process to be automated every 6 hours, then we will get it! We will also convert our client over to the new system (from Magento), as they are not interested in supporting or managing their system! (just looking after their clients!)[/font]

[quote]Figure 3. Exporting orders to Quickbooks



I tried telephoning you earlier, however your message service was on.

Can you tell me how you could enable Product Builds from QB (Product containing real products - e.g. Shirt, 3rd party logo,) and sync this accross to CS-Cart?

Also, how does it deal with Combinations?

Does it split them apart into Quick Books?

Or does it allow groupong of similar / disimilar products - so that they remain grouped once created/updated in QuickBooks?



Could you also implement an additional shipping company?

We have a system that integrates with QuickBooks looking for a customer field set to Y which then batch prints stickers for freight → Boxes/Satchels (All minimum 25KG so no complications!)

We have both applications installed on a PC whicih uses the QODBC connector. We've looked at the Intersprie Compatible QB Web Connector (By QB) but have no idea what to do…

So would your software be able to see this “Custom Field” and when “Batch Print” is run on your software, it looks for all of these Y's?



I have the same issue, can anyone help me?

I have the same issue.

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I have the same issue.


Have you contacted cs-cart helpdesk?