Quick View By Default

Hi guys,

I would like to change the default attitude of the product thumb on the category page.

When clicking on it, it should display the quick view window by default, and not the product detail page.

Can someone point out where/how this should be changed ?

Thanks a lot,

Hi there - Does anyone know how to do this ?





(!) Not tested

Hi Ecom,

Unfortunately this doesn't work. I found this thread about the same topic - could it be that it is related to the JQuery not firing the proper script to load the lightbox ?

to http://forum.cs-cart.com/topic/32530-show-only-quick-view-no-detailed-product-view/

For now, neither the link to the product page, nor the quick view works (with the above adaptation).



Hi guys,

Where you able to look into this ? Does this -eventually- require custom development ?

I believe it must be pretty straightforward as this is a standard feature.

Thanks for your feedback !



Please PM me temporary FTP access. I will ask developers to check it