Quick Product Preview

Is here a quick way from the ‘Manage Product Page’ that I can click to see a preview of the product page I’m working on?

Maybe another buttom that next to the ‘Change Changes’ button ‘Save & Preview’

You may already do this, but why don’t you just have another tab/window of FF or IE open and “refresh” after you make a change? Is there a reason you can’t do it that way?


That’s what I do now, but I still have to browse/search to the product in the first place. I just think it would be easier if there were a ‘preview’ link/button that could get you there directly.

You don’t agree?

Ahh… I see what you’re saying. I have a sloppy work around that I use. For example I list the products in a category and then right click the item I want to work on and open it in a new window. That leaves that list of proucts up to go back to and right click the next one open when I want it. Then yes, preview it in yet another window. It’s sloppy but it gets around the issue you are describing.