Quick order form

Has anyone used www.shippingkit.com to do custom work? They have a quick order module that looks interesting, but I think I would need to have additional work done to it to work for us.


David Dewitt

I have used some of their addons but haven’t used them for custom work. Their addons have always been very good and their support has been solid as well.

We use some of their purchased mods and free mods. The quick order works really nice on one of our sites where a catalog is available. We haven’t really used them for custom work but have considered having them do some custom work on the Fedex shipping mod so we can ship via Smart Post.

Thanks for the responces,

I think I’ll ask them about changing the quick order, so that you can add a link at bottom to open a larger version of it. They would also have to creat the larger version with being able to define number of column and rows.


I have tested the quick order form and it works great. I have sent an email to shippingkit.com to see if I can get this moded to do more.


David DeWitt