Quick contact form in a block

Anyone know how to put a form in a block? We need to out a quick contact form in a side block.

I am not sure you can add a cart generated form to a specific content block, either with the html block or the smarty block. The contact forms if I am not mistaken, are generated through the admin, so I don't know if you can find a template file to copy and paste the form code from into a new block.

That being said, if there IS a template file with a contact form you probably could paste it into either a blank html block or a smarty one depending on the code in the template and as long as there are no missing dependent files etc… It could work.

There is however an option when creating a form to “Show this page in a popup window”. You could always create the form as a pop up and link to it from within your chosen block.

Another option could be creating a custom form from scratch and adding it into your template with the “Template” block. But you would need to create everything from scratch or try and use CS-Carts form conventions. Which you might be able to reverse engineer with Firebug through the browser.

Hope this helps!