Quick Buy Addon for CS Cart


We have put over 120 hours of development in this excellent add-on which in our eyes is a must for every shop owner with a recurring customer base.

This add-on makes shopping so much more convenient especially for recurring customers or customers who know what they need.

Place a order for multiple products including variations by only typing the first 4 letters of a product and without ever leaving the screen. Ordering can’t be made any easier.


* Predictive Search

* Ajax based mouse over product information

* Choose variations

* Order as many products as you like without leaving the screen

* Add multiple variations from same screen

Compatible with and currently updated for 2.1.1

More info at



or on youtube



Almost $500 for an addon is way out of my price range but seems pretty useful.

Why is the product variable blank when you add different t-shirts?

1:01 of the video, you have 2 different variations of t-shirt but the video shows them blank for size.?

looks good for perhaps b2b customers which I have a lot of but sorry, not $500