Questions Before Purchase

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your interest in CS-Cart.

[quote name=‘Phantomhp’]My main concerns with this software is can it be used with Paypal?[/quote] Yes, CS-Cart is integrated with PayPal. And as it is stated at our website, each CS-Cart license goes with one month of free technical support. During this period our specialists will answer all your CS-Cart related questions and help you configuring your CS-Cart store

[quote name=‘Phantomhp’]Also, how hard/easy is it to edit the layout to match the current site?

If you look at my front page then my store front they match almost perfectly and that is a big selling point for me.[/quote]

CS-Cart is a highly customizable software and both its design and functionality can be changed/extended to match all of your needs. CS-Cart uses Smarty template engine that allows changing its outlook in the fastest and easiest way. Namely you will need to modify one CSS file and about 7 template files to change outlook of your CS-Cart store completely. As compared with osCommerce, CS-Cart’s outlook can be changed much more easier and faster.

Thank you


CS-Cart team

i have been working for 2 months now trying to get my store online. the preveiouse 2 templates claimed to have what i needed but fell very short of my expectations. my cart was installed thismorning and by this evening i had so much done!!! i had 2 weeks of work done in 5 hours! i love the look of the default template, i may change it later but i want to get it online first. i am so happy with cscart!!!