Question Regarding Saas Pricing.

Apology for posting here but I can't attach files if responding on any SAAS thread.

It appears that pricing and respective offering have jumped around a bit since

the initial announcement.

I was getting set to jump in on the 2 store $32.00 pm deal but it's vanished.

I have attached screenshots of initial and current offerings.

The free store option is new but there certainly has been some shuffling around.

Given the length of time we may yet have to wait it may all jump again.

With 4+ running as slow as poison for me ( with no clues as to why from support )

and SAAS looking like it may provide no economic advantage it looks

like my stable ( and now fast ) 3.0.6 will be my base for some time to come.

I hope the owners don't pull a Bill Gates on me.


My guess is that they are trying to find the sweet spot for the majority of their customers which is probably 1 storefront and less than 2500-5000 products. The vast majority of customers only run 1 storefront (I.e. the old PRO version).

You will either see the price come down or the upgrade cost go up for standalone sites (my bet is upgrade cost will go up and make hosting your own unrealistic). Right now, it's over $100/yr so that equates to like $8/month. Factor in a useful life for the initial product of $10/month and you now have something that will generate double the revenue and they will have control or the hosting environment.

I'm sure they will play with cost to find out what sells…


The final SaaS pricing is available on the Merchium official site.

The information posted above is long deprecated.

tbirnseth is right, we've been looking for the perfect combination of features and cost, thus the changes in pricing.