Question: I need to login from new site(without cs-cart) and automatically logged in to cs-cart site when visited


i made one site(without cs-cart) and linked that to my currently running cs-cart site.

Now i want to add the feature that once i login from my newly created site(without cs-cart) and when i go to my cs-cart site it automatically logged me in because the database is same… kindly help me


How can the databases be the same if one site is running cs-cart and the other is not.

Note that authentication credentials have nothing to do with the DB. They are session based and session data is saved by domain, not by the database. So if you have two stores sharing a database (not recommended) and you login to 'site1' and then go to 'site2' you will NOT be logged into 'site2'.

I think you need to do a bit of research to understand how all this works or hire someone who can advise you (someone familiar with cs-cart internals).


both sites are not for cs-cart. one site is for promotion purpose of some products which we are going to sell from my cs-cart website

could you tell me which files of cs-cart having these session stuff for login and authentication or where is the login form action page… may that helps me

e.g the following site using facebook login system(please see on right top corner for login) according to that site once you login from facebook login system than it redirects back to site and than you can just type facebook URL in browser than facebook gets you in without asking login credentials again. just like this i need my cs-cart login system to another site but once i login to my promotion site than no need to login again to my cs-cart site for shopping

Sessions are handled by PHP, not the cart. The cart just uses the SESSION info that exists or that is set on login.

When a user logs in, $_SESSION['auth'] is filled with authentication info. You can review core/fn.common.php or core/fn.users.php.