Question for people who use Webgility or other SW with a lot of B2B people

I have the 15 day trial with Webgility's ECC which I am enjoying so far except for an issue with my business to business customers who are wholesale customers and receive a discount.

They have been very helpful and I have a request in, but I don't expect them to be experts on CS-Cart so I thought I would ask how you handle it. Maybe I could do things differently in CS-Cart to make this work better in ECC.

I use the promotions feature to do a catalog discount for a certain user group. In the invoices CS-Cart prints out, it shows the line items and each line's discounts and sales tax. I think it is a little confusing but it is good enough.

Unfortunately ECC shows the non-discounted price and line total for each line item. Not only does this make it difficult for them to tell what the item cost but also they are going to think I raised the price. Since many of my customers order various items for their own customers, and then bill their individual customers for what they bought, having the discounts and sales tax all added up together at the bottom does not work for us.

They said no one had brought this up before and that kind of surprised me because this issue has come up in forums with other ecommerce software I have tested. Any suggestions?


Not certain if this is helpful to you!

There is a setting in ECC which you can change in regards to entering the Item Discounts as a seperate line item in your Quickbooks orders while importing orders. You might try experimenting with this setting to see if this is beneficial for your situation. ;)