Question about newsletter sending limits.

I currently use an online 3rd party newsletter sending service. I tried using a lot of software to do the same thing, but they all timed out sending a lot of emails.

I have about 1000 subscribers right now.

I don’t want to fall into the same trap attempting to send out a newsletter only to find out that PHP times out sending n number of emails. Where I have no idea how many have been sent.

So are there limits to the number of emails I can send using cs-cart?

Just in case somebody comes accross this post in the future and wants to know the same thing. CS-Cart managed to send all 1000 emails no problem. It seems to do it in batches of 30 or so at a time, then refreshes the page, so PHP never times out.

So this should save me about £10 per month :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for the info.

I have more than 10,000 hosted with an email hosting service too.

I’m now trying to figure how to get these 10,000 into cs-cart, and also how to allow people to unsubscribe.

This doesn’t seem to work for me…

We have a list of +35000 and have had several problems sending it.

  1. It nearly chokes our DEDICATED server

  2. It’s not entirely server sided, meaning that it still depends of the browser being open so it can refresh and “send” the script again for every batch. It means the sending will be interrupted if:

  • the browser crashes
  • the browser is accidentally closed
  • the computer goes into standby mode
  • the system crashes and the machine has to be restarted
  • you make an installation that requires immediate restarting
  • there’s a electricity blackout

    These situations are not entirely unlikely, so for us it’s very undesirable. Not to mention that we started sending our newsletter in the morning and had to leave the machine on after working hours to finish the sending. We have, therefore, no idea how long it took to send the newsletter to all email subscribers.

    We got errors with both PHP and SMTP methods, and are presently at a loss about what to try next. There are several factors that can cause errors, like server configuration.

    I’m posting the whole problem in another post, and hope someone here have some experience with newsletter issues. Support so far hasn’t found a definite/clear solution to our problem…

    All I want to say is that a big list can face a hard time, so be warned! :-?



About a year before installing cs-cart, we had the same issues with sending our mailing list. One webhost didn’t have a “mail limit” like others do, but really complained when large batches of messages went out. As a solution, we decided to go with phplist, a free software which allows for batching and throttling. So far, so good. It wasn’t too hard to integrate with cs-cart, either.

For anyone having a huge list, you might want to read this thread:


As far as I know, cscart can easily handle a couple of thousands emails. Just remember: don’t close your browser while sending. If you have anything over 1000, you might want to leave one browser do the sending and use another to browse the internet during the process.

But if you want a risk-free solution, you might want to invest in a third party solution. Details on the mentioned thread.