Question about installing to a local PC

Morning All,

I am just getting to grips with CS-Cart Community version. I understand that it is possible to install the shopping cart to a local computer (desktop). I am assuming that this means i can effectively install it to my home PC and edit it from the comfort of my on home and PC without the need to connect to the internet - is this correct?

If this is the case i also understand that there is some software called XAMPP? What id like to clarify as i cant find this info from their website is this. is XAMPP some kind of software designed to turn my PC into a server in which i would host my shopping cart OR is this simply a program that will allow me to run the shopping cart from my home PC.

What i dont want to do is set my PC up as a server to host, all i would like to do is simply be able to run the shopping cart software from home so that i dont have to connect to my FTP and website each time i want to make/test some changes.



Hello Tom,

Yes, you can install CS-Cart on a local computer using the XAMPP web-server software and you will not need to connect to an FTP server to edit files of your CS-Cart installation as long as they will be located on your PC. You can download the “How to install CS-Cart on a local computer” manual in the “Manuals” section on the “File area” page of your Help Desk account and follow instructions there in order to know how to install CS-Cart on a local computer.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

Ok well i have tried to install the cart following the instructions and when it comes to creating a MySQL databse using the following link, http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ i get an error noted below:

#2002 - The server is not responding (or the local MySQL server's socket is not correctly configured)

Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed.

Any thoughts?



Have you made sure msql and xammp are running, re start the processes see what that get syou.


I have so far reinstalled XAMPP and stopped and restarted the service numerous times. I have also made sure that my firewalls allow access, and as a further check i have disabled them for a few minutes to see if that makes any difference. But the problem still exists.

I have refreshed the error page and flushed the cookies. I have searched on google and there appears to be several solutions, some of which use a console (i dont know what the console is) I have opened up the phpmyadmin config.php file and there is a section that asks for a username and password, but i dont know what they should be. However im guessing as this is a connection fault the username etc would give a different error.

I have checked the status of my servers using the XAMPP control panel and the following is given:

httpd state 1 service 0 start 0 thread 170 op 0 port 80

mysql state 1 service 0 start 0 thread 160 op 0 port 3306

ftp state 0 service 0 start 0 thread 0 op 0 port 21

mercury state 0 service 0 start 0 thread 0 op 0 port 25

Clicking on the admin button in the control panel for the MySql does nothing, although the apache one loads up the myphpadmin page as expected.

I new to mysql and servers such as this, so i need basic instructions or solutions.

I really am not sure what else to check