Quantity select not working

I’m setting up a new store in 2.1.1

I’ve set product with these settings:

Minimum order quantity: 12

Maximum order quantity: 0

Quantity step: 12

List quantity count: 10

But I still get a text entry box and no quantity select box. Is this a bug in 2.1.1?


Try clearing the cache in the admin section.


[quote name=‘gginorio’]Try clearing the cache in the admin section.


you need to have ‘dispatch’ in the url for that to work.


[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]you need to have ‘dispatch’ in the url for that to work.

Not sure where you get that from… Code from init.php (which is called long before dispatch()) is:

// Clean up cache
if (isset($_GET['cc']) && (AREA == 'A' || defined('DEVELOPMENT'))) {
fn_rm(DIR_COMPILED, false);
fn_rm(DIR_CACHE, false);

I am having the same problem. All I have is a text box to enter quantity in and I can not figure out how to turn on the drop down quantity box. I have minimum order 30 set and step quantity of 30 set , maximum quantity of 180 set and list quantity count of 6 set.

I followed the advice of JesseLeeStringer of entering the URL and all it did was take me to my admin page. was I suppose to do something else, or click something to clear the cache? I could find a button that said clear cache anywhere.

I dont understand tbirnseth suggestion at all.

I still cant find out how to make the drop down box appear and it is not covered in the manual pdf that i downloaded with the set up instructions. When i enter a quantity of say 40 or 50 all i get is about 6 pop up boxes on the right of my screen in orange and green telling me about all the things i have entered wrong…but they disappear so fast i cant even read them to find out what they are saying.

I cant believe for such a great shopping cart that something this simple is so hard…am i not seeing some button i am supposed to push to turn this thing on?

Any help would be great…


My comments were on Jesse’s statement that a dispatch parameter was required. It’s not pertinent to the original post.