Quantity of options


We have a store where the products have options to select the size. I.E. for a t-shirt, sizes = small, medium, large, xlarge.

Can the quantity be set for each option so that if all the small t-shirts are sold, they are shown as out-of-stock even if other sizes are still available?

As far as I can see, the quantity is only for the overall product. It doesn't seem right that each size would have to be entered as a seporate product.

I hope this is a silly question with an obvious answer.

CS-Cart version is 2.2.3.


In the product detail tab of the T Shirt set the inventory options box as track with options. Then in your product options you can add a qty in stock for each size by selecting product combinations.

see how options work here


Thats great, thank you.

I have other question about the Option with Stock level

Please see detail