Quantity for Variations or Options?!


How can I add to each Option or Variation the Quantity? For example: The Vendor want to sell t-Shirts. He has 1 Model with 5 sizes. For each size 1 pc (for example). He has 7 pcs but diefferent sizes. How can I or the vendor configure the options to make this?! In the end, if the customer want to buy the size XL so he/she must see how pcs from the size XL are available.

Please Help anyone how can I do this?

Does nobody know this problem?! How I can manage the stock if I dont have any possiblities to do this?

Situation at the moment:

1 Have one t-Shirt model for Example in following sizes:






Now, how can I do this with options and quantities? Does nobody have the same problem?!??!?!

Posted similar topic and also no response. Think its a no no for options variant to get this done.

What I had actually tried is to enable the product 'Configure' addon.

I created the following in products:

'ITEM' x 0 pcs, Price at $0.00

'ITEM S' x 5 pcs, Price at $2.00

'ITEM M' x 8 pcs, Price at $4.00

'ITEM L' x 2 pcs, Price at $6.00

Then in 'ITEM' detail page, I go to the 'Configure' tab and add 'ITEM S', 'ITEM M' and 'ITEM L'.

In storefront, it works like what as expected. However, result is still not as good as what Options Variant does.

  1. Customer cannot Quick Add items to cart like what Options Variant does.

  2. Customer must click on 'Configure' and go to detail page to select sizes.

  3. Customer view the sizes in 2 views only, 'Check' and 'Radio'. It is best to have 'Dropdown Select' view as it is neater and more user friendly.

    Please share if you have solutions to the topic.