Quantity Discounts with Variants Mod Needed

Simple Mod:

Some of my product variants (size for example) have price modifiers. I need to be able to apply quantity discounts and variants on the same product.

This has been done already for previous versions of CS Cart here:

Option quantity discounts MOD - Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums

…but I can't get it to work with v2.2.2.

This Cs Cart installation shows it in action:


…notice that when you change the size of the product, the quantity discounts also change.


The addon has already been created for this modification. http://forum.cs-cart.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach§ion=attach&attach_id=4098 though it may require slight changes for v2.2.2

It may be that the only other change required would be to fn.cart.php

Although it would be nice, I do not require that a custom interface be added to the admin panel for this; I will be satisfied if I can make quantity discount changes directly to the database with .csv export/import as described in the above forum thread.

I would require that the modification be up-gradable through the 2.x.x versions.

Since I'm trying to learn what makes CS Cart tick, I would also like to know how you accomplished it.


Since this is a very easy modification I hope to get it finished in less than two weeks, when our site is scheduled to go live.


PM me a quote!

No one interested? Should be easy money!

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No one interested? Should be easy money!



We are interested please contact us at skype : accretevp or email lavanyan@foursquareinfo.com.