Quantity Discount 5 + 1 For Free Only Per 6. But Possibility To Order 7. How To Config.

Hi, for my shop I have a quantity discount on a box of 6 bottles of wine which is 5 + 1 free. If I select a value of(-16,67%) the price is right. But it will state the price from 6+ in de webshop. Rather than per 6 = 5 + 1.

If a customers order 7 bottels it will be a discount of 16,67%

I want to configurate a situation where the customers gets a discount of 16,67% per 6. So for the first 6 bottles he pays -16,67%. For bottle number 7 the normal price counts.

I want to persuade the customers to orders in quantities of 6 but let the option open to order 7 or 8 bottles for example.

I hope someone can help me out :slight_smile:

What are the exact promotion settings you are trying to use?

5 + 1 item for free. (only applicable per 6 items of the same item)

II just had a try and couldnt figure it out. They either got the discount for the whole or not at all.

The only way i thought it might be possible but I guess your selling different priced wines ( so not sure how your going to decide which of the 7 bottles get the 6 bottle discount (lowest priced I would guess) was to set it up in the back end so 6 bottles would get 16.7% off

7 get 14% off, 8 13% etc, 11 9% off and 12 16.7% agian (etc up to what ever max number you normally sell) this would give you an approximate to what you want (i think) but not exact. again i dont know how your going to sect which of the wines is the free wine depending on cost.

You posted before i did. so some of what I put is irrelevant as thought you were talking about any wines.

I think you need to go into the back end and play with the promotions setting so you can get a better idea of what they can do and how they apply to categories , products etc.