Quantity Change Downloadable Products

Good Afternoon,

I am trying to set up a digital download for tickets on our website but I am trying desperately to sell multiple tickets to one person but the quantity option dissapears?

Can I get this back so that customers can buy 3 tickets at a time please?

Thank you

I'm selling tickets too and have the same problem. Why system can't track quantity for Downloadable Products?

Problem solved

1. In file

\design\themes\responsive\templates\common\product_data.tpl remove $product.is_edp !== "Y" &&

{if $show_qty && $product.is_edp !== "Y" && $cart_button_exists == true && ($settings.General.allow_anonymous_shopping == "allow_shopping" || $auth.user_id) && $product.avail_since <= $smarty.const.TIME || ($product.avail_since > $smarty.const.TIME && $product.out_of_stock_actions == "OutOfStockActions::BUY_IN_ADVANCE"|enum)}

2. in \app\functions\fn.cart.php find and comment

if ($is_edp == 'Y') {
return 1;


if (!empty($v['extra']['is_edp']) && $v['extra']['is_edp'] == 'Y') {
continue; // don't track inventory

Please submit this as a bug in bugtracker so that it gets fixed in the core release.

I think you can create product option (like Person name). In this case, the system should allow to store 3 tickets in cart with different person names


was this problem reported as a bug in bugtracker? I coudn't find any in bugtracker right now.

We want to sell physical products with additional downloads (assembly kit with downloadable manual) and we won't provide the manual as an attachement since it is part of the sale. But when klicking on "downloadable" you cannot buy this product more than once. Workarounds like using an option for quantity are not suitable for us since the product quantity in database still is 1 and that causes problems when exporting order data for dropshippers. So we definitely need download AND quantity selection.

Greetings, BB.