Qty Discount overwriting price

Hello all!

The issue I’m having is this: when it comes time for me to add a discount to a client’s prices, I want to add a Qty Discount of 1, with the new price. This way on the storefront when somebody goes over to the product, they will see the original product and its price, and then the newly discounted price, and it wil show a little tag beside the discounted price showing them how much they’re saving that way.

So, when I set the Qty Discount for one item, it overwrites the ACTUAL price of the object.

So my question: is there a way I can set a Qty Discount of 1 on an item without overwriting the original price, or alternatively, is there a way I can set discount a product and have the same original price / discounted price thing to show up on the product page?

Any help here is greatly appreciated :smiley: Thanks in advance

You should look at “list price” and “price”

List price = $100

Price = $80

Savings = $20 (Basic Template at least)