Qty discount not working



Solved it now.

In version 2.0.8, you get to assign the quantity discount to a group. Is that true in your version? You might want to make sure the dicsount is set to the proper group so that unregistered customers see the discount. I’m not sure what other reason might be causing your problem. Good luck!

Hi Guys,

does anyone have a thread on items not adding to give the discount.

i.e. I have qty discounts set for 5-10-15-20 etc, but they are also related to sizes as small med lge.

so if a customer chooses 5 small (qty break disount of 5) they get that price.

but if they then also choose qty of 15 medium, they get 2 prices in basket, 1 for 5 small and 1 lower price for 15 medium, instead of total discount lower price for 20 items.

any ideas much appreciated.



cscart is not designed to do this. You will have to pay cscart to modify this. I had them modify quantity discounts and it cost about $100 (which, by the way, is no longer working with the upgrades so make sure you are on a version you are happy with).