Qty Discount Based On Content Cart Displayed In Custom Block


This perhaps belongs in another forum than Hints & Modifications.

I would like to inform the registered customer that he or she when they are logged in and are in a certain group that they are eligible for a store wide discount.

It would be nice to display to the customer how much he or she can save of there order depending on many items there are in their basket ( shopping cart ) and not having to go to the actually checkout to see how much they can save on their order.

An option would be to inform the customer via a familiar cs-cart balloon notification and or via a custom block in the layout.



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this feature is not an easy one and additional modification is needed so we will be glad to develop it for you

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WSA team

Not clear exactly what you want… Part of this is dependent upon them being in a particular usergroup and then the other part seems to be some kind of “pre promotion” prediction to tell a user how big a discount they currently have and what the effect of adding more items to their cart would be.

If this info is expected to be dynamically determined from the promotion data of the site and not just static info, then yes, this would be difficult and a bit awkward (since you'd have to basically read-ahead in the promotions and calculate the results of different cart quantities). But if you know that you have some range of discounts available (1-5 = 10%, 6-10 = 15%, more than 10 20%) then I'd think you'd be better off just displaying the table of discount information to the users in the selected usergroups which would be pretty easy to do when they login or you could make it an actual block that is contingent on their being in a particular set of usergroups…

Well first of all thank you both for your participation. It surely gave me the insight that a modification would be too costly for me and practically I think Ton understands me the best in that all I am trying to do is supply customers in different customer groups with table with discount information that applies to the content of their cart. We apply a store wide discount which varies between usergroups.

The issue now is more of a grahpical one. Where do I put this block with “general” discount information available to these customers. Where on on my page would it be best applied ? Would a pop-up promotion window be better or just a block with the information somewhere else ?.. Remember it does not have to be dynamically since you both have already pointed out that this would be rather costly and I much rather put some money in things I have prioritized for other mods/ addons.