Putting A Custom Form Into A Block


I’ve built a sign up form using the Form Builder add-on. Is there a way to make this form into a block rather than having it on a separate page?

Feel free to use our free module:

Excellent, that’s perfect. Thanks :)


I would like to present you our Form Logs add-on. Besides placing forms in blocks it allows to save requests made via form. So you can find all the data entered via forms not only among the other e-mails but also directly in your store.

Hi Oleg,

I would like to ask you this; https://www.simtechdev.com/addons/site-management/form-logs.html

from those picture on that page, I see that there is just example "name" on this photo hwere is in the red; https://www.simtechdev.com/images/form_logs/blog.png

is that possible filled by authorized user name automatically?

for example, I am on the marketplace buyer/seller. I have logged in on the marketplace website and just saw that page. in this case, I don't need to fill out that "name" field. the form has to know who I am. isn't?

I hope you understand me and answer my question, thanks!


When you create a form, you add the input field and call it "Name" but technically it is just some input field. So the point is that we can not determine which field is for name, which is for surname because they are all just input fields.