Put multiple product inventory together as 1?

I hope my title makes SOME sense.

Basically, I sell a variety of vitamins online and sell them as a 1 month supply, a 2 month supply (2 bottles), a 3 month supply (3 bottles), etc. Each product is the same item, so when somebody buys the 2 month supply, that is ultimately 2 bottles less of my total product stock.

Right now, I have to input the stock for each product which is confusing because they aren’t prepackaged items. A two month supply, is really just 2 bottles shipped at a discount.

I know I could create 1 product and then have product options, within the product, to add more bottles for a more money and then adjust the quantity as people add on a particular product option.

The problem is, I notice I sell more when I label the product a, “2 month supply” and let people buy that item rater than have a single item and let people upgrade in the ordering form.

Is there a way to link a select group of products together as one to track inventory together?


Sounds like you may need something like this as mentioned in my post regarding “Product Bundling”: