Purpose of product code?

Hi all, I was just wondering how other CS-Cart stores are using the product code? As far as I can understand, it is not searchable and not involved with inventory management. We sell a mix of books and other media.

I thought of putting the ISBN numbers for books and SKU's for other products into the code field, but since it is not searchable I don't really understand its purpose other than differentiating two products with similar names.

How do other CS-Cart stores actually use the code? Any thoughts?



You can search by product code or product id if you add this to fn.catalog.php:

$oc_codes = db_get_fields(" SELECT product_code FROM ?:product_options_inventory");
if (in_array($piece, $oc_codes)) {
$pid = db_get_field(" SELECT product_id FROM ?:product_options_inventory WHERE product_code = '$piece'");
$tmp .= db_quote(" OR products.product_id LIKE ?l", "%$pid%");
if ($params['pname'] == 'Y') {
$tmp .= db_quote(" OR products.product_code LIKE ?l", "%$piece%");

Add the above code to the “Search string condition for SQL query” AFTER lines 6101 - 6103 (in ver 3.0.6) which states:

if ($params['pname'] == 'Y') {
$tmp .= db_quote(" OR descr1.product LIKE ?l", "%$piece%");

This tweak is published on the forum somewhere.

I also like this addon to help customers with searches:


Thanks for the reply Magpie. If I may ask, how do you implement the code feature on your store? If you use a code, what is the rationale behind it? What kind of numbering system do you use?

Thanks very much,


I use and don’t use a code :-)

I mean I put on in when I think about it. A good idea for the code for you, I sell books and things to, if to use it as a code for item location. So for example if you have your stock in boxes put the number of the box or location EG. Box001, FrontLeft.

Hi Kickoff, thanks for the reply. So you use a code only when it would apply to the item? Would items without a code just show a blank code on their product page or did you change it so that the code does not show up?

My Product Code = Item Name in Quickbooks Wholesale and Manufacturing accounting software.

I use it for matching.

It is a good place for the UPC or ISBN though - as they are unique.

Seriously? The code is used s Sku/Part No. or Catalog No. I can also search by Code on my site too…

I use the product code for all of my inventory management. I also have the site set up to search by product code. It is a heck of a lot easier for me to ask the customer for the product code instead of having to figure it out by name.

Also, any imports and exports require a unique product code. Without the code, you are going to have a heck of a time doing any importing or exporting.

I use Excel to build my pricing and stock formulas, so having the product code is a definite must for me.

Oh, you'll also need the product code if you do any Google Shopping stuff.



i think it really depends on what you are selling and how you stock it.

Almost all my items are unique so my stock level of an item would reach 5 max. I don't have suppliers and so they don't have stock numbers unless I decided to give them one. Even then if a customer quoted a stock number I wouldn't have a clue which item it was. And when adding new stock if using a code I also have to think one up. That means when I add more of that type I would need to lookup what I last used and follow the number on or if new types use the same format.

In my last cart the code was used for importing so it was more importent then.

That clarifies things. Thanks for the all the feed back.