Purchase Order Numbers to Appear on Invoice

Anyone have any tips on getting the Purchase Order number to appear on a invoice?

It’s been a while since i did this i think in /YOUR_SKIN/mail/orders/invoice.tpl add

{foreach from=$order_info.payment_info item=item key=key}
{if $item}
{if $key == 'card'}{$lang.credit_card}{else}{$lang.$key}{/if}:
{if $key == 'order_status'}{include file="orders_pages/order_status.tpl" status=$item display="view"}{else}{$item}{/if}



{$lang.payment_method}: {$order_info.payment_method.payment}

If you are talking about the order # then it should show up directly under “INVOICE”

Nice one guys - worked perfectly for me… yippee!

I want to add the Transaction ID on Invoice, can someone provide the code ?