Purchase Limit On Product Sale One/two Per Customer(If I Will Try Again To Order, Have Block Them With His Ip And Email))

Dear Team,
Thanks for CS-Cart, We are very happy to use this software on our websites, It was really wondering about these features.
We are facing a big issue i.e., related to normal purchase sale on products. To protect our self from the grey market we decide to put a restriction on product sale (individual products), registered customer / Guest customer can be allowed only one time to purchase a product i.e., Based rule which we will enter a number of usages & Once per customer.
Once we enable the rule a Registered or Guest customer can only purchase the item 1/2(whatever we enter limit here) time, even though if he wants to purchase multiple time he will restrict automatically with customer IP and E-Mail address.
Can please let me know the process how I can implement this type of feature at my website or if your providing any Documentation/plugin please direct me to the plugin page as well documentation of plugin page.
We recently faced this case by practically: we put a sale on AirPods 2nd Generation we just selected a maximum 3 per customer. But one of the customers ordered multiple times without any restriction. to overcome this problem please let us know how can we restrict them.
We tried at cart promotion. But it is not showing the promotion sale amount.
Looking forward to your prompt reply.
Many Thanks,
Best Regards.
alpha Store.

Hi Alpha Store team,

Greetings from Webkul!

I would like to inform you that currently, we do not have an add-on related to your requirement, however, we can definitely provide you this solution in customization. Kindly contact us at http://webkul.uvdesk.com/


Webkul Team

I agree with Webkul. Additional code customization is required here