Pulling My Hair Out Over 404 Error Trying To Set Up Smtp

Hi… core am I having a moment! I'm trying to set up my email for order confirmations etc using Office365. I complete the fields… (SMTP Host, username, password etc… click save and land on my websites 404 error page!

I've changed nothing in the root manually… All throughout my new build should be sitting as default really.

Hope someone can put me out of my misery with a fix. Searched around the forum and google for the past 3 hours and can't find anything to help.

Thank you


Try the bug tracker above and sarch for SMTP

What's the URL when you get a 404?

It should be “the name of your admin script”.php?dispatch=settings.manage§ion_id=Emails

Thanks for the replies :-)

The 404 error page url is my admin script, nothing after the .php though.

Is this a sign that I am completing the fields incorrectly perhaps?

I’m assuming username is the email address used in my account setup?

Really appreciate the support.

Seems there is a similar support request in bug tracker but has been outstanding with no further comms since April. I have posted I too am experiencing issues.