Prouct image gallery importation

Am moving to cscart 4.16.1 from an older version of cscart , the two websites are different . We managed to import the products and their features successfully . However, the product images gallery is not being imported, not sure if there is a bug , we tried all the possible ways listed in the CsCart docs , we also tried to import using SQL .
Any idea ?

Have you tried Administration β†’ Import data β†’ Products (Deprecated) β†’ Images ?

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Yes of course I tried this already.

Could you please describe the steps you took to import the images? This might help me understand what the issue is.

Please not that if Images directory is set to β€œ1/exim/backup/images/”, the full path should be β€œvar/files/1/exim/backup/images/”

From the old website , administration > export data > products .
Products tab > all available fields. exported as csv
Images > all available fields > export as csv , then I compress it as a zip folder .
On the new website , import data > Products > add preset > upload products csv and then archive with images as zipped folder > mapping fields > relate each column name to it’s product property .
Imported all the products , product features but not the product images gallery.

Do you get any errors after the import?

You didn’t specify where you uploaded the images from the old website. Like @ecomlabs said, the path should be something like /var/files/1/exim/backup/images/.

I did specify the path of the images as @ecomlabs said . It is already mentioned in the docs that I have to do this . However, I managed to import through sql.

Just one note

In old CS-Cart version Images directory should be β€œexim/backup/images/”

In new CS-Cart version it should be β€œ1/exim/backup/images/”

It seems that all the steps were correct. If you still require assistance, please contact us via the Help Desk.