I have moved my CSCART to another server. But now Have the problem With my Version of CScart 2.25. I can not ad Article to my Promotions. I Become an Error: Oops, something goes wrong (error). Please try again.

But The Categories und another Work normaly!

What cann se the Problem. Thanks for Any Answer.

Regards Bojan



if ( !defined('AREA') ) { die('Access denied'); }


define('DEVELOPMENT', true);

Save the file to your hosting, then clear your site cache (add ?cc to your admin URL,

Try add a Promotion and you should now see the exact error.

You should remove the additional line from config.php once you have the full error message.

The “oops” message usually is associated with a javascript error in trying to parse an ajax response. Generally you will have to go into your browser's debugger and look at the response being sent from the server. Usually this is a PHP error message. The “Error occured” message indicates a DB error where the define('DEVELOPMENT',true) will then display the SQL error and the backtrace.

Thank you Verry Much With Tips! You Can See The Print Screen Here!