I am trying to create a promotion for all of a specific manufacturer’s products on our site when a customer purchases 3 or more.

I have created a Cart Promotion, with a group all/true with all of the specific manufactures items included, with a coupon code and total products in cart as equal to or greater than 3.

My issue is that it allows other manufactures products to be considered in the equal to or greater than 3 and the discount is applied to the entire order when I would like it to be applied to only the 3 or more specific manufacturer’s products.

I can see, or at least think I can, some of the problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time.


I can get this to work with conditions of a specific “coupon code” and “total products in the cart” but when I go to add the specific manufactures products that’s when things get a bit wonky.

When I add the manufactures products the “quantity” seems to be the issue. That number must match what a person puts in the cart which is not predictable other wise it does not allow the coupon to be used.

I am stuck with using the coupon regardless of the manufacturer which I can tolerate but certainly preferred.

Seems black and white to me but I must only see shades of grey.