Promotions Problem

I have a promotion on Specific Categories in which when products subtotal of the qualifying products increases the $500 limit it triggers the free shipping.

But the problem is

  1. when we add some products from qualifying categories and some from others and their subtotal reaches/exceeds to $500 it also triggers the free shipping for whole order.


    condition 1 ;

    category one (if it’s subtotal > $500) so free shipping

    and when some other products also added in the cart so it consider whole order free…And i need to apply shipping on the other products and free shipping for the qualifying category…


We can do the customization according to your need in your shopping cart.

Please contact us for the same.

What version of cart are you running? I had this built for 3.0.6. If you are on 4.x, than I'm sure it can be upgraded.




We are using 3.0.6 Multivendor ? Just want to know how will it be done? Are you going to make a addon for this or you need to customize the cart.




Sorry about the delay in the reply. I sort of forgot about this thread.

This addon has already been done, so it should just work for you. Shoot me a PM with your email and we'll work something out.