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Apologize if this is too simple, so far I’ve failed to found an answer on forums or in KB.

Using 4.1.5 here. I am trying to get a dedicated page of available promotions. I learned I unfortunately cannot do it using layers “on sale” filling type (see, but I was hoping that at least there’s a dedicated page for it.

I found that displays only titles and descriptions for available promotions; I was expecting actually this page to display the products currently available as promotions (more exactly for the catalog promotions, not cart ones).

Also, I was hoping for more fine-grained pages to be available, like

etc, one for each available promotion. Then use SEO addon to build some attractive URLs, promote them on homepage etc etc.

Before posting this as a bug, is there something obvious I have missed or is just the way it was designed? Is there any workaround to expose available promotions, without additional custom coding?

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It will need custom development to display catalog promotion products.

Thank you for quick reply, cscartrocks. I was hoping this is something really basic I've missed - either in core or by some add-on I have to install separately.

Since none of these are available, I guess nobody required or had any use for such feature by now. So maybe I'm just designing my site wrong, especially since I'm coming from Drupal where filtering any content using views module is a 5 minutes job.

Until I'll find something better, guess I'll move on with some manually filled product blocks.

I created a Sale category on the root level, then created sub-categories for different Catalog promotions and included the category for the products.

This was I can use Category filtering and/or link directly to the category.

It's also easy for the customer to find the promotional products.

The Promotions page itself seems to perform better for me when I include a banner for the Promotions listed there.

Thank you for advice Magpie Don, appreciate it. Will try this approach too.