Promotions limitation...

Before I hammer bug tracker with this ‘feature request’ I’d like to make sure I am not missing anything.

I created a cart promotion designed to add a product for free if either of two other product are also purchased.

HOWEVER the quantity seems to be tied in. I have added both products - quantity 1.

If the customer orders just one - all is well. If they order ANY other quantity of the said product, the promotion no longer applies.

In my case, the promotion is for a special highest marks award for schools - you get one free when you purchase at least one pack of either grade promotion certificates of graduation diplomas.

Many schools will purchase more than one pack of certificates - and the coupon ceases to apply.

Is there an alternative to re-adding every product with quantities up to what I think they may or may not buy? Why isn’t this a range like ### to ###?

Can someone else confirm this anomaly before I add it to the bug tracker?


I just tried and confirmed this.

In addition to the problem with adding multiple units you mentioned, I think there is also an issue if the qualifying product has options. There is no provision for allowing all options to qualify.


This is not relating to this specific problem, but I am trying to do something similar. I have a Free gift promotion with EVERY purchase of X. However if I add 2 of X, only one free gift is given (this is normal behaviour I understand) but I would like to give 2.

Whether this problem somehow is solved?

This problem has not been solved and I agree that it’s a limitation of the Promotions function in CS-Cart. I have requested more control around weight Promotions, too.

I would put it in the Bug Tracker as a Feature Request.