Promotions For New Vendors

We know how to allow vendors to create their own promotions. This thread is about how to create specific incentives for regular customers or casual visitors to become vendors.

If we are to use the present promotion addon, it has the following restrictions:

1. User groups can only be Customer Type, while in MVP, Vendor admins are of the new Vendor type, so promotions cannot be applied to them without modification of the script to allow both Customer and Vendor groups to be eligible for promotions

So we have to create a new Customer group only for vendors

2. But if we then transfer all new group of wannabe vendors to the group of the real Vendor admins in order to manage the store, the former will lose their promotional bonuses as the latter will not apply to the Vendor group type, etc., etc.

Why is this all?

I would like to grant every new vendor $100 to be used for purchasing our specific products, i.e., Plans and special classifieds - instead of simply making everything free for a certain period. It is different when you have to spend your money, no matter where did they come from, than using something for free. Value of the service becomes distinctly different.