Promotions / Discount - Reduce 'Price' NOT 'List Price'

I need to run promotions/discounts based on OUR PRICE or ‘Price’ rather than against ‘List Price’…

Effectively, I have a category such as ‘Clearance’ with sub-categories - I want to run the promotion via a coupon/voucher code so the ‘Bonus’ is 50% against category ‘Clearance’ but applied to the discounted price of the items.

I don’t then have to worry about how the ‘Price’ was discounted against the ‘List Price’ - all I am doing is saying to the customer ‘Enter this voucher code xxxxx and you will get 50% off the price displayed’


I thought this was the default and only way of doing it. If you are able to create a discount against the “List Price” that disregards the “Price,” I want to know how you did it! I've been wanting CS-Cart to discount against the List Price ever since I started using it over three years ago.

kingsleypress - thank you

Hot damn! Just when you you've 100% convinced yourself something does one thing, someone proves it actually does completely the opposite!!!

Well, that's solved my problem but I am convinced my initial test of a promotion that I set up discounted against the LIST price! I will attempt to re-create the conditions / bonus etc. but I deleted it it in frustration as it wasn't doing what I wanted. I will let you know if I can re-create it…