Promotion With Free Product

Hello I am currently running a promotion on our site if you spend $250 or more you receive a free t-shirt and hat. these product s are on the site and i set it up easily and kinda works, the issue, the shirt is available in different sizes and there is no pop-up etc to change this so i added wording in the title of the product that says (choose your size.) so if you happen to notice this text while in your cart then you can change the size. but..... it doesn't change the size it stays as the default size after checkout. my site is if you want to see for yourself. no sure what else to do???? please help Thanks

Did you try to reproduce the issue on the demo website? Possibly there is a bug in CS-Cart. In this case make a post in the bug tracker.

i want to offer Free Products at the checkout of total Order amount. i want that each customer choose a one free item at the checkout
One Order 1 product for free
i will offer many types of product for Free with each order total but i want that customer have ability to choose only 1 item per Order.
kindly let me know if someone can help me how to do that.