Promotion With Brand As Condition Not Working

Hi guys

just found this one today and wanted to share if anyone has this in order to post in Bug Tracker.

I tried to set a new cart promotion in v434 where as condition I have a specific brand. So I choose Product Featrures as Condition, then Brand as the Feature and then wait for it to show me all brands as dropdown list in order for me to choose the one I wish.

But this never happens. I just get an empty field as I should write manually the Brand myself.

This was tested in clean 433 installation (with demo content) and in the original CS-Cart 434 demo ( I got the same result in both cases.

If I choose another kind of feature for example Operating system then I get the dropdown list as it should happen. So I think the problem is in the type of the Feature (Brand/Manufacturer) which is the main change since version 306 where this fucntion works as it supposed to.

If anyone has this or can confirm this please doso ,and then we can open this in bugtracker.




Thank you for the report.

We are aware of this issue and already working to resolve it.
As a temporary solution, you can do the following:
Open the config.php file.
Find this line:
and change the value of the PRODUCT_FEATURE_VARIANTS_THRESHOLD constant from 40 to the maximum number of variants in the Brand feature.
So the value in PRODUCT_FEATURE_VARIANTS_THRESHOLD should be higher than the number of variants the Brand feature has.
For example, if Brand has a maximum of 60 variants, the value in PRODUCT_FEATURE_VARIANTS_THRESHOLD should be 61.
Please let me know if it does not help.
Thank you.


I've edited the PRODUCT_FEATURE_VARIANTS_THRESHOLD in the config file and increased the number above that of all the listed variants but still not seeing a dropdown of my Brand variants in Promotions.

I'm running 4.3.2