Promotion In A Block


I have tested serveral methodes to add my promotion or discount in a block on the frontpage.

The first one (works): is adding the advice price in the product. example: 10€ basic price and advice price 11€. So it shows 10% label on the product basis price, so we have already a problem whit the variant and +price, because the price is more and not 10% sale anymore.

So i made a product block and with content On Sale and shows up in the frontend homepage whit the 10%.

Second option is in the marketing and promotions, i set my products 10% and it gives also 10% in the variant, so this is what i want, but it dont show in the block on my storefront homepage.

I set different setting in the product content settings, but nothing shows my promotion from the marketing.

Is this a bug or do i overlook somthing?

Hope sombody can help me, because i want the second option (see screen) to show in a block whit the discount label on my storefront homepgage.