Promotion For Certain Quantity


I am trying to set up automatic coupon with 100% discount for the product A with the quantity 1.

Bonus with free product is not suatable because it adds free product to the cart but I need to get 100% discount for the product in the cart but only for certain quantity. Lets us say customer buys product A x quantity 2, so he gets Coupon code with 100% discount for product A x quantity 2. Means if next time client wants to buy for example product A quantity 5, he can redeem coupon code for 2 units and another 3 units he pays.


First, cart promotion is created for automatic cupon codes generation:

Conditons: Automatic generated cupon codes, One time per customer

Bonus: Here comes the question?

I tried Discount on product A with price 0 or 100% off. but it does not respect the quantity. If I add product quantity to the condition it also does not work correct.

Second, cart promotion is created for this product:

Conditions: Product in = "Service A" , Quantity 1

Bonus: Automatic cupon.

Conditions with Total product in the cart is also not a solution because there could be several different products in the cart.

Does promotion respect quantity of the products in bonus section?

Any idea for that scenario?

Should honor quantity in the bonus. I.e. if bonus was quantity 1 and there were 2 in the cart then the bonus would apply to 1 item.

If not, it's probably a bug and you should report it to bugtracker. If you get a solution, please update this thread.

The point is that I could not find quantity field available in Bonus (probably it is not available). Where did you see it?

I didn't look. I assumed from your statements that it was a part of the bonus setup. But if it's not a part of the bonus, then you won't be able to use it without extending the promotions.

Do you know which file controls free product bonus behavior? fn.promotions.php ?

Looks like it is the only way how product quantity can be controlled in bonus. But instead of adding free product to the cart it has to check existing products in the cart and give it free.

I changed the condition as follows:

If all of these are true

Conditons1: Automatic generated cupon codes, One time per customer

Conditions2: Product in = "Service A" , Quantity 1

Bonus: Discount on product = Service A - 100% discount

But it does not respect condition quantity as well. Means if the product matches the condition it does not care how many I add to the quantity field, it just give 100% to any quantity.

Is it a bug?

Then I'd report it as a bug. If you have 2 in the cart, the promotion shouldn't trigger because you have a condition quantity = 1.

I tested on demo store and get the same issue.

Reported to bug tracker