Promotion didn't calculate on order

Ok I am back with yet another issue sigh

We have a Free Shipping promotion set up. In promotions, I set the action to Free Shipping, & in Conditions of Use I set a period of validity thru July 31, 2008, so it’s seemingly set up correctly.

But on an order that went through, the promotion wasn’t calculating free shippng. it gave them I guess the two shipping options we have which are USPS & UPS & added the rate for the one she chose.

  1. Why didn’t it calculate?
  2. Can I edit the invoice & have the cost of shipping removed & would it automatically reimburse her for it in PayPal or do I need to do that separately in PayPal?

    EDIT: I just went in & tried to edit it & it did adjust the total but wouldn’t process it because it’s already been paid so I will go into PayPal to refund it. So meanwhile I just need to know why the promo didn’t get added to the order.

    ALSO, I just went into PayPal & it shows Free Shipping but also showed a Handling charge, which I don’t understan because we never set up a handling charge.