Promotion Code To Buy A Product

Dear members.

I am looking for the following functionality.

By default you can assign a promotion code to a customer in CS-Cart.

I didn't want to use the code for discount. But the possibility to buy the product. Without the code the product cannot be ordered (shopping basket off).

See screenshot:

See image.


I am afraid, it is not possible without code modifications

Are you wanting them to enter a code? Or can you use usergroups?

Usergroups can be used to define what products are available to what customers and what are not. This works well if their classification is not unique.

Yes the option for groups is also workable but then we need create a group for each user. That's about 300 groups in our situation.

At product level you can indicate a group for availability. The best thing would be if you could also select a user here.

I'm obviously missing something if you need to create a 1-1 relationship.

I would think that having product A and product B be only for UG1 and product C being only for UG2, that customers who are in UG1 will see product A and B and customers in UG2 will see product C. Customers in both usergroups would see both.


You want to use the promotion code to purchase the product, which can achieve through some modifications.

Please discuss this here.