Promo increments

On Version 2.1.4 TESTING.

I want to offer a promo where if you buy any size of 3 different items you will receive another item free. If you buy a second one you get another free and so on.

I set this up in a CART promo in 3 different promos to make sure if the consumer bought from more than one of the 3 items they received multiple free products.


If the consumer buys more than 1 of each size or multiple items of different sizes in the same item then they get only 1 free product.

I want them to get 1 for 1, 2 for 2, and so on.

Example consumer buys:

Item A Size Small buy 1 get free item

Item A Size Small, Medium, or Large buy any does not get another item free

I tried to get this to work in the Catalog promo but there is no bonus to get a FREE item.

I tried to get this to work with the “Buy Together” in the product and it also did not work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!