Project "My price/cost" Mod

This was discussed some time ago and I am not sure if there was a viable solution so I thought I would begin messing around with it. If anyone (hint, hint…Matt, luckdragon) would like to pitch in to make it work with reports and whatnot then that would be great.

  1. Add language variable my_price = My price

  2. In the database in cscart_products table, add the my_price field.


  3. Edit the skins/basic/admin/products_pages/products_update.tpl to add my price to the product page.


```php {include file=“common_templates/attach_images.tpl” image_name=“product_main” image_object_type=“product” image_pair=$product_data.main_pair icon_text=$lang.text_product_thumbnail detailed_text=$lang.text_product_detailed_image}

{$lang.my_price} ({$currencies.$primary_currency.symbol}) :


{$lang.price} ({$currencies.$primary_currency.symbol}) :


4. Edit the [B][U]include/admin/exim/exim.products.php[/U][/B] file to add my price field to import/exports.


```php ('fn_exim_set_product_categories', '#key', 'M', '#this', '@category_delimiter', '@lang_code'),
'#linked' => false, // this field is not linked during import-export
'#default' => 'Products' // default value applies only when we creating new record
'My price' => array (
'#db_field' => 'my_price'[/COLOR]
'List price' => array (
'#db_field' => 'list_price' ```

This isn't much but it's a start and I will continue to work with it when time allows.