Profile update General tab remove

How can I remove this?


Have a look in language variables, might be there. If you using 2.* then you can use the translation mode!

Thank you.

problem not solved!

I thought as:


{capture name=“tabsbox”}





but blank tab located to bottom :stuck_out_tongue:

Any suggestion?

Just comment out what you don’t want WITHIN the capture tags. I.e. the label area.

But note that if you ever add user groups then you’ll have no way to navigate back to the General area.

Ok. I thought this is a bug. hmm this tab indicates user group.

Thank you for information.

Hi, did you ever find out how to use this? I’m using MVE and I want to remove certain tabs for vendors, ie in Update products, remove “Files” tab so they can’t upload files (as they won’t need to in our store). Cheers