Profile Fields: Select Box Default Value

I want to add a select box dropdown for customers to select on checkout. If I make this required, the select box just defaults to the first item on list. How do I make the default value unselected or blank, which is the way it is supposed to work for required fields?

I need to make customers pick an item on the list instead of letting it default to the first value.

Thanks for anyone who can help me!

I finally received a reply from CS-Cart Support. Their solution, which works for me, is this:

In the Administration panel, go to Design → Templates, open your Theme, then go to templates/views/checkout/components/profile_fields, and open the field.tpl file.

After that, find the following code:

{if $field.required == "YesNo::NO"|enum}

And replace this piece of code or comment out the IF statement like this:
{* {if $field.required == "YesNo::NO"|enum} *}
{* {/if} *}
CS-Cart does not think this is a bug. Personally, I think a required select box should require the user to pick an option. At least they helped me fix it so that it works the way it should.

Thank you for posting it here