Profile Field - Asking for email address 3 times

The profile field asks for email address at the top = great
also asks for email address in the address = terrible
and again for the email address in the shipping address = triple terrible.

They are greyed out so I can’t delete them, how do you get around this, it is crazy

Thank you everyone for your help

Are you talking about checkout? You can check :shipping address is different" and edit it … but if not using different shipping address the value of this field will be ignored.
You can delete the fields or rename them in the admin panel (administration/ profile fields / customer and admin). But just because you can doesnt mean you should as the email forms part of templates and other core functions … it may be hard to undo!!!
I don’t recall there being three rmail fields, your not getting confused by street address are you?

It’s a bug introduced when you upgrade from a really old version.

Email address is set to required for contact,shipping & billing. And you can’t change it.

Super annoying, but I was going to wait until after Christmas to trouble shoot it

May be the following information will help you